has been winning national film awards since age fifteen, starting with the American Film Institute’s Visions of U.S. Award and Robert M. Bennett Award. After graduating magna cum laude from the USC School of Cinematic Arts, he has earned both Telly Awards and Davey Awards for directing and editing commercials for Disney, Warner Brothers, Microsoft, Dell, NASCAR, AMGEN, Seattle Mariners, Alaska Airlines, Jim Beam and T-Mobile. Michael edited the PBS series, The Meaning of Food, the award-winning documentary The Lord’s Table, and served as both editor and director of photography for independent feature, Mulletville. His short film, Commercial, is a comedy with themes of consumerism, which mirrors Michael’s belief that films should have a social conscience. Commercial has screened in fifteen international festivals.

Michael is a member of Women in Film/Seattle and IFP/Seattle. He has taught various editing workshops to media professionals in Hollywood, and filmmaking workshops in Seattle and Philadelphia.

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"Dell: JTG Daugherty Racing" Director/Editor
"Seattle Mariners" Editor.
"McLaren Electronics" Director/Editor.
"Back to the Future Parody" Editor.
"Jim Beam: Spirits Confidential" Director/Editor.
"Spring Fair" Editor.
"Cascadia Beer" Director/Editor.
"HealthTalk" Director/Editor.
"T-Mobile" Director/Editor.
"GE Healthcare" Editor.
"Umpqua Bank" Editor.
"Minute Maid" Editor.
"Windows Mobile Device" Editor.
"Veg Seattle" Co-Director/Editor.
"Macklemore Does T-Mobile" Editor.
"Disney Pictopia" Director/Editor.
"Joker Fun House" Director/Editor.
"LifeWise Health Plan" Editor.
"Microsoft OneNote" Editor.
"Clearwater Casino: Ferry" Director/Editor.
"Clearwater Casino: Wait" Director/Editor.
"Umpqua Bank" Editor.
"Liberator SUV" Director/Editor.
"Mercy Corps - Empower" Editor.
"Mercy Corps - Thank You" Editor.
"UBuildIt" Editor.
"Alaska Air" Editor.
"Trillium" Editor.
"The Lord's Table" Editor.
"Green Build" Editor.
"Dog Central" Editor.
"HealthTalk: Mikki" Director/Editor.
"Chicago Diner" (PBS) Editor.
"Elevated" Editor.
"Our Arizona" Editor.
"Halo Fans" Editor.
"ImagineCup" Editor.
"Airport Customs" (PBS) Editor.
"Crossing Guard" (PBS) Editor.
"Hazel Wolf Festival" Editor.
“Crystal Mountain” Editor.
Narrative Films
"Second Nature" Director/Co-writer
"Mulletville" Editor/Cinematographer.
"Fortune Hunters" Editor.
"Afterthought" Writer/Director/Editor.
"Larry's Last Day" Writer.
"Little Girl" Editor/Cinematographer.
"Sh*tkickers" Editor/Cinematographer.
"How to Kill Time" Director/Editor.
"Switchmas" Assistant Editor.
"Commercial" Director/Producer/Editor.
"I'd Go Crazy" Editor/Cinematographer.
"80s Ending" Editor.
"The Apprentice" Cinematographer.
"Open House" Editor.
"Solace in Solitude" Director/Editor.
"Liquid Pickle" Director/Editor.