is an Academy Award-winning producer experienced in both production and post-production. After graduating from the Evergreen State College in 1990 with a degree in Documentary Filmmaking, Susan has produced more than 100 long format films including documentaries, corporate image pieces, and educational videos in every available format. She served as a Seattle International Film Festival volunteer from 1994-1998 and currently serves on the board of Women in Film and Corporate Accountability International.

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"Switchmas" (Feature) Producer.
"Back to the Future Parody" Producer.
"HealthTalk Sick Day Spots" Producer.
"HealthTalk My Wife Mikki" Producer.
"Clearwater Casino: Wait" Producer.
"Clearwater Casino: Ferry" Producer.
"T-Mobile: Do More Get More" (HD corporate image piece) Producer.
"Diggers" (35mm IFP Spotlight Award) Producer.
"Full Disclosure" (35mm Short Film) Producer.
"Geek Like Me" (35mm Short Film) Producer.
"Tootie Pie" (HD Short Film) Producer.
"Boy Wonderz" (35mm Feature Film) Executive Producer. Distributor: Ventura Distribution.
"It's Your Choice" World Gold Medal New York Festival.
"The Facts About Smoking" (16mm Educational Film) Producer.
"Deadly Deception" (Academy Award-winning Documentary) Producer/Production Coordinator.