has over ten years of Film and Video Production experience. Her enthusiasm for environmental and animal rights issues fueled her award winning documentary, "Bison Winter”, which swept the Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Festival and the Olympia Environmental Film Festival. Recently she acted as the Director of Photography for a series of pro-vegetarian commercials for the Northwest Animal Rights Network and Coulter has done work for KCTS in Seattle, WOVIE in Olympia, and currently freelances in Cinematography, Web Design and Flash Animation.


"Commercial" Associate Producer. (Currently in festival circuit)
"Veg Seattle" Commercials Cinematographer. (Currently in broadcast)
"Afterthought" Associate Producer. (Currently in festival circuit)
"Invitation to Stare" Director of Photography. (Currently in festival circuit)
"80s Ending" Actor. (Currently in festival circuit)
"Group" Cinematographer. A feature film about 8 women in group therapy and their struggles to overcome their own stereotypes. (Distributor: WOVIE,
"TIMEx4: Compulsory Entertainment" Cinematographer/Editor/Web Designer. Experimental web installation on two screens. (Distributor: Mediaspace)
"Other Tongues" Director of Photography. A short documentary about a rural gospel church and it's parishioners.
"Round" Director/Cinematographer/Editor. Cyclical microcinema.
"Bison Winter" Director/Cinematographer. A feature length documentary about the last wild herd of bison and their fight for survival. (Distributor: The Evergreen State College)
"Battle in Seattle" Director of Photography. Short documentary about the protests against the World Trade Organization.