Ever wonder what your pet does when you’re not around? Curious cat owners Michael and Deirdre Cross did. The Crosses began attaching a lightweight digital camera once a week to the collar of their cat, Cooper, who captured rare cat’s-eye images of the world. Each picture provides a unique feline point of view, telling a greater story of the secret lives of cats. “We wanted to see what our cat was up to during the day, and had no idea he’d come back with such interesting photos,” said Michael Cross. They soon realized that his perspective on the world at six inches high, displaying light, color and movement, classify Cooper as a talented, albeit accidental, artist. Cooper’s photographs range from amusing to stunningly beautiful, and even strangely haunting.

The images and the unusual artist have attracted media attention from across the globe (People Magazine, Good Morning America, and Animal Planet) and have been exhibited in Seattle, Chicago and London. As people learn Cooper’s story and fall in love with his perspective on our world, his celebrity continues to grow (45,000 fans on Facebook and counting).

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