About: Services

Producing / Directing

We'll build your project from square one, from budgeting and scheduling to directing and completion. View our Demo Reel.

Cinematography / Lighting Design

Film and Video Cinematography, designing the very best look and feel for your unique project. View our Demo Reel.

Editing for Film / Video

Non-Linear editing with titles, motion graphics, and sound design including music and sound effects. View our Demo Reel.

DVD Authoring / Media Encoding

Including video encoding, designing interactive menus and chapter markers. We also encode video for internet streaming.

Production Packages

Whether your end goal is Broadcast, Film, DVD or Web, let us design a Production Package to meet your needs and budget.

About: The Crew

Michael Cross Director/Editor
is an experienced film Director and Editor with a background in creative storytelling. (Full Bio)

Susan LaSalle Producer
is an Academy Award-winning producer experienced in both production and post-production. (Full Bio)

JC Ford Writer / Documentarian
has developed content for large brands including Disney, Google, Redbox and Pottery Barn. (Full Bio)

Charles Dye Producer / Cinematographer
is a world-travelling documentarian. If Indiana Jones carried a camera, this would be him. (Full Bio)

Sue Corcoran Director
is an award winning director dedicated to her vision: human stories told through fantasy. (Full Bio)

Deirdre J Coulter Producer / Cinematographer
is a professional producer and cinematographer driven by environmental and animal rights issues. (Full Bio)

Cooper Still Photographer
is the company cat. Once a week he takes photos with his miniature collar camera. (Full Bio)